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JIS University aspires to become a global hub of education and research and to that end the University Campus may be said to be a microcosm of the entire world because many students from foreign countries have made JIS University their second home and to ensure that such students, who have come from distant lands to JIS, do not feel out of home, JIS University has taken a host of steps and initiatives in that direction.

The state of West Bengal in which JIS University is located shares a long extensive border with neighbouring country Bangladesh. Thus, every year JIS University receives a healthy number of students from that country. As it is the campus life at JIS University is vibrant and dynamic, particularly at JIS we ensure that students do not have to ever face a dull moment on campus and various programs are regularly organized to that end.

In particular at JIS we have soft skill classes, regular orientation and introduction for first year students and we also have regular mentoring of students to ensure that they never feel out of place or awkward on campus. West Bengal in particular is known to be the intellectual hub of India and at JIS University we always strive to live up to that reputation.

Invited talks, seminars, conferences and symposia are a regular feature of JIS University and in such programs we regularly involve and invite foreign academicians and dignitaries. For instance recently the Department of Juridical Sciences hosted Professor Sarah Kelly and Joshua Alter from St John’s University visited the JIS University campus for an interaction with the students and Prof Alter conducted week long classes in the campus. This was followed by a visit by Prof Esta van Heerden who was hosted by the Department of Biotechnology, JIS University. All such endeavours are efforts by JIS University to ensure that we become the destination of choice for not only overseas students but global dignitaries as well.

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