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Department of Computer Science Engineering

  • Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) was formed in 2016 at JIS University, Kolkata.
  • Since its inception, the department has been recognized all over the world for excellence in research and teaching.
  • Department also provides a supportive, friendly and challenging environment for teaching, learning and research.

Salient Features of the Department of CSE : Why are we leading from others ?

  • 12 Digital learning Platforms
  • 6 Virtual Online lab facilities
  • Today, the Department has a vibrant student count of 2081 and many eminent professors with PhD/PhD pursuing
  • The Department also offers several attractive international exposures in terms of student exchange program, Industrial Internship, Minor Project and Major Project for UG and PhD Programs.
  • Department is nurtured by its clubs/committee and research groups.
  • These clubs offer students the chance to gain experience in their interest areas and network with their peers.
  • Each research group holds regular meetings and hold seminars to discuss current research topics and results.
  • High Performance Computing (HPC) Facility.
  • Cloud Computing Facility with ParamShavak Super Computer by CDAC.
  • Collaboration with National Cyber Security Standard
  • Plagiarism Detection Software Enriched
  • Innovators Club & Coders Club
  • Institutional Innovation Council by MHRD, Govt. of India and AICTE
  • The School fosters an ambience of 'Learning by Doing' for joint project execution (i.e. using Sponsor-Institute relationship model) of Faculty-Students teams.
  • Through the focused industry-academia interaction, the School aims to move towards a learning and creative community of practice for academic and research excellence, focussing on a Long-term relationship, building a collaborative and consultative network of experts from academia, R&D and industry in India.
  • Immense potential and plenty of opportunities for Sponsored Project Execution and Entrepreneurship Development (SPEED) by the faculty.
  • Industry certified courses are offered for students on flexi-mode and flexi-time basis in order to provide them tailor-made and need-based learning opportunities.
  • Online Test Module for the students.
  • Attractive scholarship schemes for extraordinary Students.
  • Students Exchange Program with Pardue University.

Engineers are behind the development across the world and thus Engineering is one of the most popular career options for the aspirants. Engineers are known to be critical, creative and curious yet capable. By applying the principles of mathematics and sciences, the engineers develop a wide range of solutions to the technical issues. Engineering offers lucrative career options. Currently, due to the emergence of various MNCs, students can easily come across some really promising jobs. Taking admission into the best engineering colleges in Kolkata ensures the student can start with a good salary package. The wide range of disciplines that fall under engineering means the students have a vast array of options to choose from.

JIS University is distinguished as one of the top-ranked universities with top engineering colleges in Kolkata. We provide the students with professional grooming through renowned faculty and industry experts. They learn different ways to tackle engineering problems through their acumen. We help the students to discover their passion by providing them with student-centric pedagogy, strategic approach, and world-class education.

JIS University’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering in Kolkata offer two courses, B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering, and Ph. D in Computer Science and Engineering. The department aims at providing quality education and they also have dedicated labs for internet access. The university aims towards inculcating professional and virtuous attitude in the learners, real communication skills, cooperation, and a capacity to relate their field to comprehensive perspective issues and societal context. The university also believes in providing the students with an excellent academic environment that fosters excellence, transparency, leadership and also promotes awareness in the children to lead a successful life. The course curriculum is well organized to provide a wide spectrum of choices to the students. The students are allowed to choose a particular field according to their areas of interest. They undergo intensive training on the latest technologies coupled with experienced faculty members to bring out the excellence in the students. The training helps the students to acquire the needed knowledge and skills related to their field. Computer science is one of the most exciting and challenging fields and it leaves its impacts on everyone’s life in a variety of ways. Computer scientists create technology and systems that are used in different industries including medicine, communications, entertainment, and many more. With state-of-the-art computing theory and practice, new technologies are invented that can change the world for good. JIS University being the hub of best computer science colleges in Kolkata provides quality education to all the aspiring students who come to study here from all over the country.

Computer science graduates from the top computer science engineering colleges in Kolkata are quite in demand and they earn good packages from the beginning. As employers seek graduates in computer science, they value those who have been educated by the experienced faculty. The faculties at the JIS University helps the students learn problem-solving, teamwork, technical skills and a lot more.

Providing professional competence and intellect maturity

Our mission is to educate the students to become well-learned individuals who possess technical competence to easily design solutions for global problems. The course curriculum is designed to make the students skilled in every way to build a successful career. The class tests, a mid-term examination, and assignments help the students get acquainted with the subject. Being the hub of best private engineering colleges, JIS University looks after the welfare and professional grooming of the students.

We provide the students with world-class infrastructure, quality education, and experienced faculty members so that they become proficient in integrating knowledge and identify the problems and produce relevant solutions. The engineering colleges in Kolkata ensure that the students attain professional competence and intellect maturity along with a dedication towards the development of the industry.


  • World class Education: Excellence in education, grounded in ethics and critical thinking, for improvement of life.
  • Cutting edge Research: An innovation ecosystem to extend knowledge and solve critical problems.
  • Impactful People: Happy, accountable, caring and effective workforce and students.
  • Rewarding Co-creations: Active collaboration with national & international industries & universities for productivity and economic development.
  • Service to Society: Service to the region and world through knowledge and compassion.

Program Educational Objective

  • Achieve the understanding of the basics and emerging techniques of a broad range of computer science and engineering concepts.
  • Gain the ability to analyze and solve computer science and engineering problems through application of fundamental knowledge of maths, science, and engineering.
  • Learn to apply modern skills, techniques, and engineering tools to create computational systems.

Program Outcome

  • To obtain sound knowledge in the theory, principles and applications of computer systems.
  • Apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering in the design and development of software systems.
  • Configure recent software tools, apply test conditions, and deploy and mange them on computer systems.
  • Perform experiments on different software packages either obtain from external parties or developed by themselves and analyse the experimental results.
  • Design and develop software projects given their specifications and within performance and cost constraints.
  • Identify, formulate and solve software engineering problems and understand the software project management principles.
  • Ability to understand the computing needs of inter-disciplinary scientific and engineering disciplines and design and develop algorithms and techniques for achieving these.
  • Acquire and understand new knowledge, use them to develop software products, and to understand the importance of lifelong learning.
  • Ability to extend the state of art in some of the areas of interest and create new knowledge.
  • Communicate effectively in oral, written and graphical form.
  • Work cooperatively, resonsibly, creatively, and respectfully in teams.
  • Understand professional and ethical responsibilities and analyze the impact of computing on individuals, organizations, and the society.
B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering

Duration: 4 Years

Eligibility: 60%* over all in 10+2 with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects along with one of the Chemistry /Biotechnology / Biology / Technical Vocational subjects.

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering with Major in Artificial Intelligence

Duration: 4 Years

Eligibility: 60%* over all in 10+2 with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects along with one of the Chemistry /Biotechnology / Biology / Technical Vocational subjects.

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering with Major in Cyber Security

Duration: 4 Years

Eligibility: 60%* over all in 10+2 with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects along with one of the Chemistry /Biotechnology / Biology / Technical Vocational subjects.

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering with Major in Data Analytics

Duration: 4 Years

Eligibility: 60%* over all in 10+2 with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects along with one of the Chemistry /Biotechnology / Biology / Technical Vocational subjects.

B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering(Lateral Entry)

Eligibility: Diploma from an AICTE approved Institution. Obtained at least 60%* marks in appropriate branch of Engineering/Technology.
B.Sc. Degree from a recognised University with at least 60%*

Ph.D. in Computer Science & Engineering

Duration: 3-4 Years

Eligibility: M.Tech.in Computer Science & Engineering

BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application)

Duration: 3 Years

Eligibility: 10+2 from any stream with a minimum of 50%* marks with English and Mathematics or Computer Application or Business Mathematics / Statistics as one of the subject from a recognised Board.


The faculty members are from reputed universities and research institutes like IIT, NIT, JU etc. They are quite experienced in teaching and very much active in pursuing research. They regularly attend national and international seminars and conferences to present their project outcome.


The state of art laboratory is well equipped with high end Machines, Servers and other various systems required for a fully functional Laboratory.

HPC Solutions Group at C-DAC

High Performance Computing Solutions (HPCS) Group at C-DAC addresses the key sectors such as Government, Scientific Research, Academia & Defence and is well known for providing consistent, reliable & scalable quality products and solutions in the field of High Performance Computing and Communications.

At HPCS, we are committed to improve the scientific capabilities of users by providing end to end solutions in Supercomputing and allied technologies.

Drawn from a large pool of resources and experience in the field of Advanced Information Technology products and solutions, C-DAC extends its expertise to manage the entire gamut of IT requirements of customers, right from the drawing board to its implementation. We offer a host of value added innovative services through a tangible support strategy in tune with evolving customer needs.

Sustained efforts to accelerate the widespread adoption of High Performance Computing at the grass root level right from the Academic stage are being stressed upon through various initiatives.

Various Solutions and Services Offered by HPCS Group

Technology Based Solutions
  • High Performance Computing Centers
  • Scientific and Application Softwares
  • Storage and Security
  • Visualization, Computer Aided Design & Animation
  • Data Centers & Support Infrastructure
Software Integration Services
  • Security & Software Integrity Enhancement
  • System Design, Sizing and Configuration
  • Scientific Application Porting & Migration
  • Benchmarking and Performance Assessment
  • Multicore Processing & Parallel Execution of Various Codes
Facility Management Services
  • System and Network Administration
  • Application and System Software Programming
  • HPC & Data Center Facility Management
  • Communications and Network Management
Deployment of Indigenous Technologies
Research and Development Projects
  • Centres of Excellence
  • Porting of various applications on RCS Card
  • CUDA Programming for Select Application
  • Open Source Multi-domain Applications
  • Collaborative Research Projects
Training and Workshops
  • Parallel & Multicore Programming
  • System Administration & Management
  • Network Security & Audits
  • Storage Management Technologies
  • Facility Operations Management and Maintenance
  • GPU based Programming
  • HPC User Symposiums


The state of art laboratory is well equipped with high end Machines, Servers and other various systems required for a fully functional Laboratory.


Academicians from different reputed institute often visit the campus to deliver lectures on their respective fields and topics on common interest.

Cultural Activities & Technical Events

The students of JIS University are offered the opportunities to express skills, talent and creativity in different fields.

JIS University organises a unique Exhibition event to further the cause of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Development for the students: SkillX Autumn & SkillX Spring - an Exhibition of innovative projects undertaken by the students of undergraduate and post-graduate disciplines of JIS University. External Experts are invited to evaluate the students of various disciplines at the SkillX programmes.

Distinguished Visitors

Academicians from different reputed institute often visit the campus to deliver lectures on their respective fields and topics on common interest.

Invited Talks:
  • "Representation Learning A.K.A Deep Learning & Dictionary Learning" by DR. ANGSHUL MAJUMDER; IIIT, DELHI.
  • "Guru Govind Singh" by MR.PARMINDER ARORA.
  • "Swami Vivekananda And His Contribution Towards Nation" Building by SWAMI KAMALASTHANANDA; RKMVC COLLEGE, RAHARA.
  • Sardardar Vallabhbhai Patel And His Role In Uniting The States Into A Cohesive Independent Nation” by DR. BISWANATH CHAKRABORTY; RBU, KOLKATA.
  • “Dr. B. R. Ambedkar And Indian Constitution” by DR.SHAMEEK SEN; WBNUJS, KOLKATA.

JIS University made a remarking appearance with a two storied stall at the International Kolkata Book Fair, Kolkata. Not only the architecture of the stall attracted the audience, but also the students of the University made mesmerizing cultural performance which were much appreciated and surely will linger in the heart of the audience for long.

Employ ability Skill Development Program

In the present scenario excellence alone is not sufficient to succeed in one’s professional career. JIS University therefore, extends all possible support to its students to acquire confidence, leadership skill, managerial skill, communication skill etc through comprehensive training and development program. Management & Industry experts, career counselors and other professional lend their valuable advice to the students to choose the track best suited for each individuals.

  • Computer engineering graduates get high salary packages and job vacancies are available in India and abroad as well. In India the IT sector offers jobs with good salary package for B.Tech CSE graduates.
  • IT companies such as, IBM, CTS, TCS, Wipro, HP, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Oracle etc. recruit the recruit hundreds of CSE professionals every year.
  • One can also do higher studies in the following streams :
    a. M.Tech (Master of Technology) after GATE
    b. M.Sc. Masters in Engineering
    c. GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering)
    d. Masters of Business Administration

Research facilities are available for them who wish to pursue their research career.

Research Projects

Thrust Area:Image Processing, Cryptology & Network Security, Soft computing.

  • Welcome to Department of Computer Science & Engineering
  • Employ ability Skill Development Program


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