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The University shall have different disciplines imparting education initially geared for employment. However, in due course of time, they will be developed into centres of excellence through research in various fields of study. Apart from this, the university will also have specialised thrust areas with focus on contemporary, emerging and global areas of research interest. The sources of research funds can be categorised as:

  • Sponsored Sources from industries
  • Internal Sources
  • Government Sponsored Sources
  • International Funding Agencies for sponsored research and consultancy

There are several superior outcomes that are envisaged through the University Research Programmes. Some of these are:

  • Increased number of publications in national and international journals by faculty and researchers.
  • Increased number of patents led by faculty and researchers.
  • Product development and commercialisation through industry linkages.
  • Technology incubation for industries.
  • Socio-economic development of the region.

The University will be an iconic one-stop facility for Research, Product Development and Start-Up Knowledge Incubation & Entrepreneurship. The Sponsored Research & Industrial Consultancy Cell (SRIC) will foster the growth of Industrial Research, Product Innovation and Consultancy.

Atmospheric Physics

GIS & Remote Sensing



Graph labelling

Pharmacology & Toxicology

Cancer cell signalling

Green Chemistry

Polymer Chemistry

Combinatorial optimization

Innocuous Devices

Radio Astronomy

Dark Matter halo models

Iontophoretic Drug Delivery

Rotation curve data for Milky Way

Data mining

Material Science

Signalling in cancer stem cell

Data warehouse

Materials Chemistry

Soft Computing

Direct detection of Dark Matter

Medicinal Chemistry and Phytochemistry

Solar terrestrial Physics

Downstream Processing

Metabolic engineering

Structural Geology

Drug Delivery System

Metamorphic Petrology

Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Environmental Stress

Microbial Biotechnology

Systems synthetic biology

Evolutionary computation

Microbial physiology

Web mining

Facility location problems

Molecular Pharmacology


Fuzzy Optimization

Nano-carrier for Drug Delivery



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