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Engineers are behind the development across the world and thus Engineering is one of the most popular career options for the aspirants. Engineers are known to be critical, creative and curious yet capable. By applying the principles of mathematics and sciences, the engineers develop a wide range of solutions to the technical issues. Engineering offers lucrative career options. Currently, due to the emergence of various MNCs, students can easily come across some really promising jobs. Taking admission into the best engineering colleges in Kolkata ensures the student can start with a good salary package. The wide range of disciplines that fall under engineering means the students have a vast array of options to choose from.

JIS University is distinguished as one of the top-ranked universities with top engineering colleges in Kolkata. We provide the students with professional grooming through renowned faculty and industry experts. They learn different ways to tackle engineering problems through their acumen. We help the students to discover their passion by providing them with student-centric pedagogy, strategic approach, and world-class education.

Providing professional competence and intellect maturity

Our mission is to educate the students to become well-learned individuals who possess technical competence to easily design solutions for global problems. The course curriculum is designed to make the students skilled in every way to build a successful career. The class tests, a mid-term examination, and assignments help the students get acquainted with the subject. Being the hub of best private engineering colleges, JIS University looks after the welfare and professional grooming of the students.

We provide the students with world-class infrastructure, quality education, and experienced faculty members so that they become proficient in integrating knowledge and identify the problems and produce relevant solutions. The engineering colleges in Kolkata ensure that the students attain professional competence and intellect maturity along with a dedication towards the development of the industry.

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